ES-1050-PCW Automatic Folder Gluer

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ES-1050-PCW Automatic Folder Gluer

1.In response to the rapid development of the micro-flute corrugated cardboard and folding-type shaped cardboard box production industries as well the actual domestic market needs, the cardboard box machinery factory has quickened its pace in developing die-cutting equipment and computer proofing equipment to produce the said products.
2. The ES-1050-PCW series automatic crash lock carton folder gluer machine adopts the reinforced portable and unilateral transmission structure in achieving stable operation and easy maintenance.
3. Its motor uses the frequency converter control to accomplish automatic speed regulation, stable operation, and power saving.
4. The double-sided threaded rod adjustment method facilitates machine operation. (The optional automatic motor adjustment method is also available.)
5. Paper delivery adopts multiple thickened belts to match with the vibration motor. This ensures continuous, accurate, and automatic paper feeding.
6. This series of carton folder gluer machine meets the requirement of high production speed, high efficiency, and high production accuracy. The finished cardboard box features large width and good quality. The equipment can be used by small- and medium-sized carton enterprises.
7. The conveying belts adopt the lower and upper drive system which greatly reduces wear rates.
8. The machine is supplied with two upper gluing pots and two lower ones. The up-and-down movement of the gluing pots is automatically adjusted while the left- and right-adjust is easily carried out through the threaded rod. Various adhesive-spray systems are available upon request.
9. The machine adopts the human-machine system, PLC control system, remote diagnosis and maintenance system, and the remote operation system. It is also equipped with photoelectric counter, automatic paper trimming equipment, and glue spray counter.
10. The pressure table is made of special materials. The pressing force is controlled by adjusting the air pressure. The table is also equipped with sponge belts in order to ensure the products are undamaged.
11. The machine adopts the servo system to guarantee good product quality.
12. The gluing and folding machine can provide cardboards and packaging boxes with two folds, four folds crash-lock bottoms as well as four corners and six corners.

Main Structure
Feeding Unit
Single-panel operating mechanism allows for fast, convenient, continuous, automatic, and accurate paper feeding.  
Paper Corrector
Pre-folding Unit
The angle of folding along the first creasing line is 180ºand along the third creasing line is 135º.
C-type: The box has two folds, double sides, and crash-lock bottoms.
AC-type: The box has two folds, double sides, and crash-lock bottoms.
PC-type: The box has two folds, double sides, and crash-lock bottoms.
PCW-type: The box has two folds, double sides, crash-lock bottoms, and four or six corners
Folding Unit
The folding angle along the second and fourth creasing line is 180º.
Base Paper Sticking Unit
This unit is equipped with the servo motor and crash-lock bottom forming device. It is designed with optimized structure for easy operation. The paperboard carton production speed is 60-300pcs/min.
Paper Delivery Section
An even pressure distribution causes no damage to the paperboards thus ensuring good product quality
Technical Parameters
Model Paperboard Max. speed Required power (kw) Dimension L×W×H(mm) Net weight
ES-480AC Paperboard
200/min 5.8 8×1.1×1.3 4.2T
ES-480PC Paperboard
200/min 5.8 8×1.1×1.3 4.5T
ES-580PC Paperboard
200/min 11 9.9×1.24×1.3 5.5T
ES-780AC 200/min 11.8 11.7×1.53×1.45 8.2T
ES-780PC 200/min 11.8 14×1.73×1.45 9.7T
ES-980AC 200/min 11.8 11.7×1.73×1.45 8.9T
ES-980PC 200/min 15.5 14×1.73×1.45 10.4T
ES-980PCW 200/min 21.5 15.4×1.73×1.45 11.2T
ES-1050PC 200/min 15.5 14×1.83×1.45 10.8T
ES-1050PCW 200/min 21.5 15.4×1.83×1.45 11.5T
ES-1380AC 200/min 17 12.6×2.55×1.55 10.5T
ES-1380PC 200/min 17 15.4×2.55×1.55 12.5T
ES-1380PCW 200/min 23 15.4×2.55×1.55 12.5T
ES-1450PC 200/min 17 15.4×2.25×1.55 13T

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