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The flute laminating machine mainly consists of the glue roller, doctor blade roller, pressure roller, glue supply system, and transmission system. It is well suited for automatic laminating of linerboards and corrugated paperboards. Our flute laminating machine comes in two types: automatic and semi-automatic types. The semi-automatic laminating equipment requires workers to prepare the linerboards and send them into the equipment. The main parts and components of these machines as well as the electrical control keys are supplied by world famous brands from Japan and Germany. This ensures high laminating accuracy and long use life of the equipment. The glue supply system and glue conveying roller are specially designed to provide laminating solution for corrugated cardboards with the largest size of 1600mm×1400mm. The laminating accuracy is less than 1.5mm. Compared with the automatic laminating device, the semi-automatic type takes up smaller space. Most of the semi-automatic equipment is 9 meters long and weighs 3500kg while the BZL-1600L automatic laminating equipment is 15 meters long with a weight of 8500kg. Users can select the most appropriate one to meet their production requirements.

Our company is a specialized flute laminating machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including gluer machine, corrugated box making machinery, 3/5/7 ply corrugated board making machinery, and much more.

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