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Automatic Laminator

1. As the fourth generation of back push type automatic laminator, the BZJ series flute laminating machine has the features of simple operation, convenient maintenance, high speed, low noise, and high laminating accuracy.
2. The main components and parts of this machine as well as the electrical control keys are selected from the world famous brands from Japan and Germany. This ensures the high precision and long use life of the machine.
3. This series of product adopts the high-tech control system. The system can automatically supply glue to the machine. It is also attached with a glue re-circulation system. The glue quantity can be adjusted according to the different laminated paperboards in order to save glue, produce high quality paperboards, and ensure an even distribution of glue over the paper.
4. Our automatic flue laminator is mainly used in printing and packaging industries to provide laminating solution for corrugated paperboards. The machine can handle A-, B-, C-, D-, E-, F-, and N-flute paperboards at a high operating speed. Its output paperboard shows good flatness and high laminating accuracy.

Model Maximum size of the paper (mm) Minimum size of the paper (mm) Error range (mm) Operating speed Horse power Length (m) Estimated weight (kg)
BZJ-1300S 1300×1100 350×350 ±1.5 0-100 16 12.5 6500
BZJ-1450S 1450×1100 350×350 ±1.5 0-100 16 12.5 7000
BZJ-1450L 1450×1400 450×450 ±1.5 0-100 16 15 8000
BZJ-1600L 1600×1400 450×450 ±1.5 0-100 16 15 8500

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