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Thin Blade Slitter Scorer Thin Blade Slitter Scorer
BFY Series PBF Series

Features of BFY Series
1. The cardboard slitter scorer adopts the thin blade slitting technique to prevent rough edges or flattening caused by conventional thick blades. Its output cardboard features a tidy and smooth edge with good linearity.
2. The slitting knife can be ground manually or automatically. It also can be sharpened during slitting. Maintaining a good sharpness of the knife improves the slitting efficiency.
3. Customized creasing and feeding methods are available.

Parameters Unit Model
BFY-2000 BFY-2500
Allowable paperboard width mm 2000 2500
Maximum working speed m/min 141 141
Slitting times 4 4
Minimum slitting width mm 120 120
Minimum creasing width mm 50 50
Outside diameter of the thin blade mm 260 260
Thickness of the thin blade mm 1 1
Motor power kw 3 3
Dimensions mm 2630×1791×1130 3050×1791×1130

Features of PBF Series
1. The PBF series thin blade cardboard slitter scorer adopts the high quality tungsten steel thin blade with high sharpness and long use life. The paperboard produced by this slitting machine features no indentation or rough edges.
2. The machine adopts the five-point creasing technique and synchronized adjustment of the creasing distance. The creasing line facilitates paperboard bending without causing damage to the paperboard surface.
3. The knife grinding device adopts two ways of grinding, either automatic or pneumatic grinding. Knife sharpening can be done during slitting operation, which improves the operating efficiency.
4. Electrical deviation correction system facilitates operation and makes the machine well suited for different production lines.
5. The variable frequency motor, frequency converter, or the speed regulating motor is supplied by world famous brand in achieving synchronization with the production line as well as high slitting and creasing accuracy.
6. The machine is driven by the synchronous belt which produces little noise and ensures smooth operation.
7. The operating speed is 100-120m/min.

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