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Automatic Slitter Creaser

1. The work table of our PCBC-1100 automatic carton cutter and creaser can be extended. It can work continuously without stop, featuring high efficiency. 2. The front and side rails can be adjusted according the size of the paper. It is easy to adjust with high accuracy.
3. The vacuum suction equipment is utilized in paperboard feeding and collecting. It ensures that the paperboards won't be stuck in the machine. The equipment is quite applicable in conveying general paperboards, E-flute, B-flute, or A-flute corrugated cardboards, and plastic boards.
4. The paper collection platform comes with a plate trailer which is easy to operate and labor-saving. The platform also can be installed with a paper counter.
5. The automatic carton cutter and creaser adopt the electronic eyes for paperboard inspection. This reduces the damage rate of the paperboard.
6. The paper feeding unit is equipped with the guide rail which can be separated from the machine thus facilitating paperboard making.

Model PZBC-1100 PZBC-1300 PZBC-1400
Size of face plate (mm) 850×1160 1050×1160 1150×1160
Max. cutting size (mm) 1100×780 1300×900 1400×1000
Min. cutting size(mm) 540×360 650×480 650×550
Thickness of cutting paper(cm) 0.3-0.5 0.5-0.8 0.5-0.8
Work efficiency (sheets/hour) 1500~2100 1200~1500 1200~1500
Total weight of machine (kg) 7500 8500 9500
Dimensions (L×W×H)mm 6000×1930×2200 6450×2650×2200 6600×2800×2200
Model PZBC-1100 PZBC-1300/ PZBC-1400
Main motor 7.5HP 10HP 1 piece
Feeder pump 3HP 3HP 1 piece
Lifting motor of feeding platform 0.5HP 0.5HP 1 piece
Lifting motor of extended feeding platform 0.5HP 0.5HP 1 piece
Lifting motor of paper collecting platform 0.5HP 0.5HP 1 piece
Lifting motor of extended paper collecting platform 0.25HP 0.25HP 1 piece
Air operated pump 2HP 3HP 1 piece
Feeder movement 0.25HP 0.25HP 1 piece
Lifting motor of paper conveying platform 0.5,0.25HP 0.5,0.25HP 1 piece
Technical Parameters
Specifications TS-1100 TS-1300 TS-1400
Size of face plate 8501160mm 1050×1160mm 1150×1160mm
Ma×. cutting size 1100×780mm 1300×900mm 1400×1000mm
Min. cutting size 540×360mm 650×480mm 650×550mm
Thickness of cutting paper 0.3-0.5cm 0.5-0.8cm 0.5-0.8cm
Ma×. speed 1500-2100 sheets/hour 1200-1500 sheets/hour 1200-1500 sheets/hour
Total weight of machine 8500kg 9500kg 9500kg
Dimensions (L×W×H) 6000×1930×2200mm 6450×2650×2200mm 6600×2800×2200mm

As a China-based automatic carton cutter and creaser manufacturer and supplier, Pingan offers a broad range of products that includes thin blade cardboard slitter scorer, semi automatic gluer machine, cardboard feeding machine, and more.

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