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SYKM Series Printer Slotter Configuration Parameters
1. Design speed: 120pcs/m
2. Economic speed: 80-100pcs/m
3. Maximum feeding size: 1200×2580(mm)
4. Maximum printing size: 1200×2400(mm)
5. Minimum feeding height: 360(mm)
6. Standard printing plate thickness: 6(mm)
7. Allowable cardboard thickness: 3-11(mm)
8. Wall thickness: 50(mm)
Feeding Unit
SYKM Series Printer Slotter 1. Front type feeding manner ensures a smooth cardboard delivering. The device can adjust the air volume according to the bending degree of the cardboard.
2. The drive motor is equipped with the start protection device. The device will be unable to be started if the machine table is not fixed.
3. The feeding unit of the high speed carton flexo printer slotter die cutter can achieve continuous paperboard feeding or feeding at intervals.
4. The double rubber rollers is designed with a damp-proof and pressure-proof and pressure-resistant slot in reducing the occurrence of squeezed paperboards.
5. The front rubber roller comes with a cushion device. This ensures reliable, accurate paper feeding without causing the decrease of paperboard rigidity resulting from small feeding space.
6. The position of the baffle on either side of the feeding unit can be adjusted by the electrical numeric control system. The baffle also can be installed with the automatic pneumatic aligning device in position adjustment. The back baffle is electrically controlled while the gap between the front baffles is manually and synchronously regulated.
7. The dust removal device uses the brush and vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the cardboard surface. The size of the air inlet can be adjusted depending on the size of the paperboard.
8. The machine table is electrically controlled and attached with the alarm bell to ensure the safety of the operator.
9. The electronic counter can be used to set the production quantity. When the device finishes the production, the alarm will automatically go off. The touch screen control system can display the production quantity.
Printing unit
SYKM Series Printer Slotter 1. The printing roller is made of high quality steel through various surface treatments including grinding and hard chrome plating. It adopts the static balance adjustment technique to ensure a stable and fast speed operation.
2. The foot switch is utilized to the control the rotation of the plate drum, either in clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. It also facilitates the plate replacement.
3. The direction of the printing roller shaft is manually adjusted. The maximum displacement distance is about 10mm, either in left direction or right direction. The shaft is also designed with locking mechanism.
4. The paper feeding system comes with a pneumatic-type automatic raising and lowering device as well as idling device. During paperboard feeding, the anilox roller is lowered to contact with the printing plate. After the feeding, it will be raised and separated with the printing plat.
5. The printing unit adopts the pneumatic ink circulating system in printing as well as the strainer to catch impurities thus ensuring the printing quality.
6. The phase position of the printing unit can be adjusted in 360 degree by using the PLC touch screen and electrical numeric control system.
7. The automatic zero setting device ensures the devices have uniform adjustment standard. Users can easily correct the positions of the devices during proof printing of a couple of paperboards. This reduces the waste of paperboards.
Die cutting unit
SYKM Series Printer Slotter 1. The rubber roller can do crosswise movements along a spiral path. Its moving distance is close to 40mm.
2. The phase position of the die-cut roller can be adjusted in 360 degree by adopting the PLC and electrical numeric control system. Phase position adjustment can be done during operation or when the machine stops running.
3. The crosswise movement of the die-cut roller can also be adjusted by the PLC electrical numeric input-type control system. The adjustment range is ±10mm.
4. The gap between the rubber roller and die-cut roller is adjusted by the cylinder or the self-lock mechanism. Cylinder-type adjustment features large range and fast speed. Gap adjustment can reduce the damage of the rubber and extend the use life of the rubber.
5. Gap adjustment of the feeding rollers also adopts the self-locking mechanism.
6. The speed compensation device enables the rubber roller move with the printing plate roller so that the surface speed of the rubber roller can be controlled by the knife and the shape of the output is kept the same with that of the cutting knife.
7. The machine is equipped with the rubber roller correction device.
Stacking unit
SYKM Series Printer Slotter 1. The arm of the stacker can be manually or automatically operated. The stacker is equipped with a protection device to prevent the sudden drop the arm thus ensuring the safety of the operator.
2. The rising and descending movement of the stacking platform is powered by the high-strength chain.
3. The stacking height is 1600mm.
4. The tilting height of the stacker is adjusted according to the increasing height of the paperboard piles. The lifting motor is designed with braking system. This allows the stacking platform to maintain in a fixed position without dropping.
5. The pneumatic design enables the supporting plate to open automatically for holding cardboards when the stacking cardboards reach the pre-set stacking height.
6. The wrinkled belt can prevent the cardboards from sliding off the supporting plate.

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