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The 3/5/7 ply corrugated board making machinery includes but not limited to: the mill roll stand, pre-heater, single-facer, bridge conveyor, multi roller pre-heater, glue machine, double facer, sheet cutter, slitter scorer, crosscut machine, stacker, glue making system, and electric control system. It can be divided into three types: low speed, medium speed, and high speed types.
3/5/7 Ply Corrugated Board Making Machinery 3/5/7 Ply Corrugated Board Making Machinery

Production Process
1. The paper roll is firstly put onto the roll stand for unfolding. Then at the pre-heater, heat treatment and humidity regulation are applied to it. Finally at the single facer, the medium is further heated, formed into a fluted pattern before a linerboard will be glued to the fluted medium to form a single-sided corrugated cardboard.
2. The single-sided corrugated cardboard will be lifted by the lifter onto the bridge conveyor. The conveyor carries the cardboard to the pre-heater where the cardboard will be heated for the third time. The paste adhesive is applied to the fluted edge before another linerboard will be adhered to the cardboard in the binding and drying machine.
3. The cardboard will be slit and cut into pieces of required specifications via the precise processing of the slitter scorer and crosscut machine installed in the corrugated cardboard sheet line. Output corrugated cardboards are stacked in order by the stacker.

1. Design speed: 200m/min
2. Normal operating speed: 150-180m/min
3. Manufacture width: 1800mm
4. Note: The paper roll which is used to test the production speed should meet following requirements:
Grade: Minimum B Moisture Content: 11% ± 1%
Face Paper: 150~200g/ m2 Liner Paper: 150~200g/ m2
Corrugated Medium: 105- 180g/ m2
5. Flute Shapes: B, C Flute(depending on customers' request)
6. Electricity: 380V, 50Hz, Three-phase Four Wire Type
7. Production Flow Direction: Left or Right Transmission (depending on customers' request)

Remarks: Customer Self-prepared Part
1. Air Compressor
2. Pipeline of Glue Coating Machine
3. Power Supply, Electric Wire, Power Control Panel, Pipelines
4. Construction and Foundation Installation of Gas, Electricity, and Water
5. Corrugated Medium for Machine Test Use, Corn Starch, Caustic Soda, Borax
6. Machine Oil, Lubricating Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Grease, High Temperature Grease
7. Food, Boarding, and Installation Assistants for the Installation and Debugging Personnel.
8. A Boiler of 4T in Weight

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