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NC Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

The NC thin blade slitter scorer is an important component of the corrugated cardboard production line. Equipped with the automatic pneumatic clamping device, it can accomplish electrical adjustment of the distance between blades. Cardboard specifications can also be adjusted easily and manually.

This series of slitter scorer employs an electrical axial offset control to cope with the deviation of the paper web. The left- and right-adjust range is 90mm. The machine also adopts a timing belt and PLC controlled variable frequency drive to ensure that the speed of slitting and scoring is the same as that of cardboard conveying as well as other processes in whole production line. The encoder connected to the VFD can get the production speed through the tachometer wheel. Then the PLC will give an order to control the speed of the slitting and scoring device to be the same as that of the timing belt and other devices in the production line.

In order to meet the requirements of different operation heights in various production lines, an electrical motor is utilized to provide power for lifting or lowering the slitting and scoring device. The machine can accomplish high speed slitting and scoring. Its output cardboard features clean and tidy cutting edges without web break or deformation. During slitting, the blades can be sharpened manually or automatically at the required distance and time intervals according to the customers' needs.

1. Design speed: 200m/min
2. Effective operating width: 1800mm
3. Configuration: 5 knives and 8 scoring lines
4. The whole machine control system adopts Taiwan origin computer and PCL control.
5. The maximum memory capacity is 999 product orders. Users can select any one of the orders via the computer to put it into production.
6. The series of slitting and scoring machine can achieve a synchronous speed with other devices at the production line.
7. Automatic knife grinding system can realize convenient knife grinding without stopping the machine.
8. Thanks to the pneumatic control system, the height of the upper slitting blades and scoring device can be adjusted without breaking the paperboard in the event of varying production specifications.
9. The machine is equipped with a high-precision ball screw and linear guideway. It can achieve high speed slitting.
10. It is easy to replace knife. Each knife is equipped with an automatic grinding and lubricating device. The knife can record the cutting lengths independently.
11. The scoring device comes in three types: single wall, double wall, and triple wall types. They are used to process cardboards with different thicknesses.
12. The independent motor enables knife replacement and orders varying without stopping the machine. Accurate varying of specifications can be completed within 8 seconds.

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