Computerized Slitter Scorer

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Computerized Slitter Scorer

The computerized cardboard slitter scorer combines the corrugated paperboard slitting and scoring functions into one. This greatly improves its production efficiency with a design working speed of 200m-300m/min. The machine is controlled by a computer. Its maximum memory capacity is 999 product orders. Users just need to put the specifications of product orders into the computer system and wait for the machine to automatically accomplish slitting and scoring according to the designed procedure. The output corrugated paperboard shows an optimized inner structure, good mechanical strength, and clean cutting edge with no burrs. In addition, the computer of the slitter scorer has a separate memory space for setting the grinding distance and time interval according to the paper material and slitting conditions. Specifications of the higher or lower scoring wheel can be modulated by the computer depending on the flute profiles. Computer-controlled lubrication of the whole machine is also available.

As a China-based computerized cardboard slitter scorer manufacturer and supplier, Pingan provides a broad range of products, including single facer, automatic flute laminating machine, automatic carton cutter and creaser, high speed carton stitching machine, and much more.

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