DF-800 Double Facer

DF-800 Double Facer DF-800 Double Facer DF-800 Double Facer

Our DF-800 double facer comes with a dense-phase pressure roll. The pressure roll can do partial or integrated pressing according to the number of layers of paper. It can be replaced by an optional pressure plate. The machine also adopts motorized lifting and lowering system with the hydraulic lifting and lowering system for option.

The lower woven cotton belt is equipped with a manual-operated deviation-correcting device while the upper belt installed with an automatic or manual-operated deviation-correcting device and pneumatic tension device. The drive roll is wrapped with rubber. This ensures a long use life of the woven cotton belt.

1. Designed speed: 150m-300m/min
2. Allowable operating width: 1400mm-2500mm
3. Surface treatment of hot plate: grinding treatment
4. Cool system: dense-phase suspended-type pressure rolls
5. Driving system: oil-immersed seal or half seal

As a specialized DF-800 double facer manufacturer and supplier in China, Pingan also offers belt conveyor, rotary cardboard slotting machine, semi automatic flute laminator, semi automatic gluer machine, and more.

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