Gluer of Corrugated Board Making Machine

Gluer Gluer

As one type of the paperboard gluing equipment, our double side gluing machine is used to apply glue onto the top of the single-face corrugated paper. It adopts a main drive motor with two individual-drive units: the upper and lower drive unit, which can operate independently. Its gear motor is installed with a variable frequency drive to ensure the same driving speed with the gluing machine. When the gluing equipment stops working for a short time, the main drive motor can operate at a low speed to keep the glue from drying.

1. Allowable operating width: 1800mm
2. Max. working speed: 200m/min
3. Diameter of glue roller: 2pcs×Φ318mm
4. Making material of glue roller: steel pipeline
5. Surface treatment of glue roller: grinding, hard chrome plating
6. Diameter of doctor roller: 2pcs×Φ160mm
7. Making material of doctor roller: S45C
8. Surface treatment of doctor roller: grinding and chroming
9. Diameter of pre-heater: 2pcs×Φ400mm (the upper one for single-face paper use)
1pc×Φ500mm (the lower one for liner paper use)
10. Certification: All of our rollers have passed China pressure vessel inspection.
11. Pressure roller: 2pcs×Φ130mm
12. Making material of pressure roller: carbon steel
13. Treatment of pressure roller: grinding and polishing
14. Paper roller: 6pcs×Φ110mm.
15. Making material of paper roller: steel
16. Surface treatment: hard chrome plating and polishing
17. Pneumatic cylinder: (used to lift or lower the pressure roller) 4pcs×Φ63mm×ST125
18. Brand of main drive: CPG Gearbox from Taiwan
19. Specifications of main drive: GH1/4HP×4P×1/4680 (The digital display control is employed to display gluing details such as the glue thickness.)
20. 2 sets of OEW2 encoders are also available.
21. Height adjustment of pressure roller: electrical height adjustment
22. Making material of machine wall: plates of 40mm in thickness
23. Connection parts between machine walls: 2pcs trough steel, 3pcs seamless tube.
24. The gluing machine is equipped with an outside electrical box.

As a China-based paperboard gluing machine manufacturer and supplier, we also offer cardboard cutting machine, shaftless mill roll stand, rotary die cardboard cutting machine, and automatic box gluer machine, among others.

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