Double Facer of Corrugated Board Making Machine

Double Facer

1. Our double facer adopts a vacuum suction system to ensure a good flute form. It is designed with a double-flute structure. One flute forming unit forms the paperboard into a fluted pattern while the other unit applies pre-heating to the paper. Thanks to the clutch, the flute size can be easily and conveniently changed.
2. The glue application unit of the corrugated paper twin facer comes with a block design, a variable frequency drive, straight-line guide way, and hydraulic lock. It can achieve pneumatic control of the movement of the glue trough and electric control of glue application. Details on glue coating are displayed on the screen of the digital read out.
3. Automatic glue circulation and feeding system is used to avoid deposition of the glue.
4. The twin facer is also equipped with a spraying device.
5. Its corrugating roll is made of 48CrMo alloy steel through grinding and induction hardening to achieve a harness of HRC56-60.
6. The variable frequency drive motor transmission facilitates acceleration and deceleration of the machine.
7. Operational stability is attained as a result of two individual-drive units, gimbal transmission, isolated dynamic vibration, and flood lubrication.
8. The upper corrugating roll and gluing roll are hydraulically controlled.
9. The bearings of corrugating rolls and pressure rolls are lubricated with high temperature resistant lubricating grease. Manually operated centralized lubricating system is also available.

1. Design speed: 250m/min
2. Corrugating roll diameter: 320mm
3. Available width: 1600mm-2200mm
4. Heat source: steam

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