Hydraulic Shaftless Mill Roll Stand

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Hydraulic Shaftless Mill Roll Stand

Our corrugated cardboard hydraulic mill roll stand is used to hold and unfold the paper roll, providing corrugated medium for the corrugated cardboard production line. Its unique symmetric structure allows the equipment to load two paper rolls at the same time. This design also facilitates paper roll change process without stopping the machine. A hydraulic cylinder installation provides the power needed in paper roll lifting or lowering, clamping or releasing, and left- or right-adjust. The lifting arm is designed with cast iron arcuate structure which is firm and reliable to use. The clamping head is cone-shaped and designed on the basis of hydraulic expansion. Web tension control is obtained with the use of pneumatic braking. Online control function of the paper cutter is also available upon request.

This hydraulic paper mill roll stand can be equipped with two paper feeding trolleys, which are used to conveniently and flexibly feed the base paper to the proper position from two sides. In addition, the main structure of the semi-enclosed ground rail is welded by No.16 channel steel, firm and durable.

1. Maximum operating width: 1800mm
2. Maximum allowable diameter of paper roll: Φ1500mm
3. Minimum allowable diameter of paper roll: Φ350MM
4. Hydraulic system: 5HP×4P (supplied by Seven Ocean from Taiwan)
5. Hydraulic pump: 1pcs

Hydraulic Cylinder Specifications
1. Model
ST750 Diameter: Φ63 (4pcs, on both left and right sides)
ST475 Diameter: Φ100 (2pcs, upside and downside)
2. Tension control system: pneumatic brake, air-pressure valve, pressure regulating valve, manometer (present detailed data information during operation)
3. Manual type pulley: four wheels and two rails for one paper mill roll stand.
4. Trolley: 2pcs
5. Control system: hydraulic control

As a China-based corrugated cardboard hydraulic mill roll stand manufacturer, Pingan offers a broad range of products, including helical knives NC Cutting machine, water ink multi color cardboard box printer slotter die cutter, semi automatic flute laminator, and more.

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