Die Cutter of Corrugated Board Making Machine

Die Cutter

Compared with the general cutting device, our die cutter has the advantage of a robust mechanical structure, good tensile strength, and high cutting precision. Its driving system adopts the AC servo motor and computer-based industry control system to ensure an easy and convenient operation. The high precision knife shaft and cutter frame help achieve smooth cutting at a high cutting speed.

The cutting blade can be easily replaced. The rotary cross cutter utilizes hard durable grinding gear to accomplish a precise meshing of the gear with the cutting points so that the output cardboard is flat and smooth with no burrs. It adopts the oil pump for automatically cyclic lubrication of the transmission system so as to enable high transmission accuracy. Convenient monitoring and maintenance becomes a possibility due to the transparent windows installed on both sides of the wallboard. The wallboard as well as the base shows good mechanical strength. The machine can store energy and regenerate electrical power. This allows the machine to work normally even when the power is unstable.

The automatic detection system of the rotary cross cutter can figure out the machine errors in time so as to avoid malfunction. The computer of the industry control system can automatically adjust the cutting speed according to the requirements of different cardboard specifications and production speeds. It is also able to track the transmission of cardboards in order to keep the conveying speed synchronous with the cutting speed. With a maximum memory storage of up to 999 product orders, the computer with display screen allows the die cutter to process the orders automatically in sequence or in priority order. In addition, the cross cutter can be connected with other devices in the production line to realize manual or automatic varying of production specifications
1. Max cutting width: 1800mm
2. Cutting length: 500mm to 9999mm
3. Maximum cutting speed: 180m/min
4. Cutting precision: ±1mm
5. Standard type: single blade cross cutting machine (the double-blade type is also available.)
6. Blade type: helical cutting blade (using small strength to achieve high cutting efficiency)
7. Material of the driving gear: SCM21 alloy steel
8. Treatment of the driving gear: carburizing, grinding, forging, heating, precise processing.
9. Hardness of the driving gear: HRC58-~60
10. Precision of the driving gear: JIS1-0
11. Features of the driving gear: small gear backlash, low noise, stable driving.
12. Cutting precision: ≤±1mm(when operating in uniform motion or in uniform and variable motion)
≤±1.5mm(when operating in variable accelerated motion )

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