Preheater of Corrugated Board Making Machine


The multiple corrugated cardboard preheater offers a drying and heating solution for liner paper and corrugated paperboard in order to control their temperature and humidity.

1. Maximum operating width: 1800mm
2. Diameter of heating roller: 3pcs×Φ900mm (the heating roller has passed the national pressure vessel test and obtained the national pressure vessel safety use certificate.)
3. Making material of paper roller: steel tubes
4. Diameter of paper roller: 6 pcs×Φ110mm (including 3 fixed paper roller and 3 movable paper roller)
5. The motorized wrap angle adjustment can meet the requirements of different operating speeds.
6. The preheating temperature is electrically controlled. The 1/2HP drive motor is equipped with a turbine reducer as well as a swing arm. The swing arm is powered by the gear drive.
7. The preheater consists of three operating layers which can work independently or cooperatively.
8. Its preheating roller can rotate electrically. Its gear motor and one-way bearing can realize idle operation at a constant speed.

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